About Us

Label Puja Shah breathes fresh air of effortless fashion that blends aesthetically with our pure homegrown fabric. We put the spotlight on style that is timeless, elegant, and gorgeously effortless.

Our designs are bathed in the idea of minimalism. With relaxed silhouettes and clean cuts, our pieces bring out the ultimate elegance in you. While we’re proud of our effortless designs, we also secure the forces of nature to keep your style fresh and blossoming all day. We combine unique earthy tones with our equally unique designs to bring out the flavor of subtleness. The making of our high-end and high-quality pieces starts at the very root of our culture – our seasoned artisans handcraft our organic cotton fabric with finesse to deliver a meaningful style experience to you. Our artistic yet minimalistic collections carve out fashion that empowers and comforts.

In a fast-forward lifestyle, we understand the need for effortless fashion. Through the amalgamation of culture and modern sensibility, we design for the “women of today” who are unapologetically stylish.


We understand the need for high-end fashion that is easy to incorporate into your lifestyle. Our fabrics are handcrafted from organic, homegrown cotton that adds the subtle splash of luxury and comfort.

The wizardry of our designs mixed with the finesse of our artisans concoct a gorgeous end product every lady would fall in love with. We create by keeping you in mind. Aside from keeping you on top of the trend, we factor your convenience into the equation. Our handwoven fabric is soft, plush, and breathable to keep you relaxed in every piece you wear. We carefully pick the gorgeous earthy tones that reflect the many shades of your very soul.

At Label Puja Shah, our designs help you celebrate the day-to-day luxury of pure fabrics, freshness of nature, and a timeless style. Our original fashion pieces never go out of style and blend with just about any environment. We believe in creating a brand that is effortlessly stylish and artistically empowering.